How to sell multiple NFTs on Talis ?

Knowledge base Mar 2, 2023

Today we are going to see how do someone sell multiple NFTs from his wallet on Talis. Please note that the NFTs needs to appear on your Talis wallet first !

First step to sell your NFTs on Talis, is for sure to have some NFTs ! In order to do so, having your wallet connected and wandering around to find the piece you want will be the first step.

Sell multiple NFTs at once ?

  • Select "NFT Vault" in the "My Talis" Tab (upper right of the interface)
  • Then select the NFTs that you want to sell (2), be sure to be connected on the same network as the NFTs that you're trying to sell (1), once it's done, click on the Sell button (3).
  • Once the NFTs are selected and Sell button has been clicked, a pop-up window will appear. Select the price that you want to sell your NFTs at, click "Confirm Sell".

Please note, here both the NFTs selected will be sold at 1000 $LUNA.

  • Don't forget to Sign the transaction that should pop soon, and last step, don't leave the "Selling token" screen before it is finished !

Interesting fact : Talis doesn't take fees when you're putting up a token for sale, only when it's sold !

Do you want to sell one NFT at a time ? Check out our guide to sell one NFT on Talis.