Guide tour — Discover Talis V1

NFT Dec 14, 2022

It’s time to introduce you to our new iteration, Talis V1. Testnet becomes public today and it’s a pleasure for us to let you explore all the features. We have worked to give everyone a way to create, sell and trade NFTs!

Start the journey to an unlimited artsy world.

Here are all the features available in the current version 1, which will be evolving over the next few months:

Connect Wallet :

First things first, connect your wallet to unlock the full potential of Talis. Beware, if you’re on mobile Terra Classic and Juno (With Keplr) won’t work.

Marketplace :

Here, 1/1 and generative art for sale. Pick your favourite art, you can even buy straight from the gallery !

Museum :

Here, only art, browse through NFTs randomly picked from all 1/1 collections.

Socials :

You can like NFTs, follow other users and artists, and browse the picks of other users.

Sweep floor :

Choose a collection, tell us how much you’re ready to spend on it, and we pick as many NFTs as possible for that sum.

Rich-text descriptions and profiles :

Minters, you can now get further than simple text for your NFTs descriptions. Same for your bio!

Share :

Artists, collections, NFTs can now all be shared in your favourite social medias. Spread NFT love!

NFT vault:

Get access to all your NFTs and perform mass actions on them : sell, auction, send, burn, settle auctions.

Activity feed :

Select your chain and you’ll be able to see everything that happened on secondary market for the last day/week/month/year.

Purchase history :

In this page you can find all the purchases you did, when and for how much did you buy all your tokens. You can thus keep track of your whole past activity.

More data on collection page :

Collection page now shows recent activity volume to better assess the situation before apeing or hodling…

Brand new candy machine interface :

All you need to know about the launch on a glimpse, directly on the collection page.

If you want to chat with the team, upload artworks or just be part of the community, come and discover our networks!