Talis governance

How to Dec 1, 2023


Talis ecosystem uses two distinct tokens:

  • Talis: This is the main governance token, which can be acquired on the Helix platform.
  • xTalis: This token corresponds to the quantity of Talis staked in the governance contract and can itself be staked in the revenue-sharing contract to receive a share of the accumulated fees.

Important Points:

  • To prevent spam a minimum of 2500 Talis tokens is required to submit a governance proposal. This deposit is returned if the proposal reaches quorum before the voting period ends.
  • Voting on a proposal temporarily locks the Talis tokens used in the vote, making them unavailable for unstaking until the proposal’s voting period concludes.
  • xTalis tokens are designed to remain within the same wallet to which they were initially allocated. To withdraw original Talis stake, your governance balance must be unlocked, and you must return the equivalent amount of xTalis. It’s important to note that the governance contract will verify whether the wallet returning xTalis had staked Talis initially. This measure is in place to maintain the integrity of the staking and governance process.


At the core of Talis protocol lies our governance and staking contracts:

  1. Governance contract oversees governance and the allocation of xTalis to users staking Talis.
  • Talis holders can create proposals
  • Upon staking their Talis, users receive an equivalent amount of xTalis
  • Talis stakers (= xTalis holders) are eligible to vote on proposals. Once they cast their vote, their tokens are locked until the proposal’s expiry.

2. Revenue sharing contract handles the distribution of the platform’s revenue:

  • Stake xTalis to earn a share of the platform’s collected fees during the current epoch.
  • By default, an epoch spans one month. At the end of each month, xTalis stakers can claim their portion of fees proportionate to the amount of xTalis they have staked.

Community Engagement

To facilitate thoughtful discussions and well-prepared proposals, we are establishing a Commonwealth community. Currently in its formative phase, this platform will be the hub for discussing and refining proposals. It’s a place to voice your opinions and potentially sway others with your insights. For more information, visit Commonwealth documentation.

To increase engagement and keep our community informed, we've implemented a Discord bot that notifies users about new proposals.


All the actions presented below can be done @ https://injective.talis.art/my-profile/dashboard

Stake/unstake governance tokens

Create a proposal

Vote on a proposal