5 NFT collections trending in January !

NFT Jan 6, 2023

Here are some of the finest collections trending these days on the NFT area!

“Crypto Spacexplorers” by Axie Infinity:

This collection features a series of NFTs that represent space-themed characters and experiences in the Axie Infinity blockchain game. The NFTs are unique and limited, making them highly collectible. In the game, users can breed, raise, and battle their Axies (the creatures represented by the NFTs) in a virtual world. Discover their latest alpha, Axie Infinity: Homeland.

Reddit Cup 2022 by Reddit

The highly popular Reddit Collectibles Avatars series released its latest release, called Reddit Cup 2022, in celebration of the 2022 FIFA soccer World Cup being played in early December. Sales for this digital collectible totaled $23.8 million within the last month- an impressive total given how scarce they were at the end of November. This limited edition avatar was designed to represent one of 18 different countries participating in this year’s tournament and is sure to be a hit with collectors.

“NBA Top Shot” by Dapper Labs:

This collection allows users to collect and trade digital versions of their favorite NBA highlights. The NFTs are highly sought after and have already been selling for thousands of dollars. In addition to owning the highlight, users can also use the NFT to access exclusive experiences and merchandise.

“Meebits” by LarvaLabs

Meebits, a 3-D voxel character collection on the Ethereum blockchain, saw a 150% increase in sales volume in the last month. This is due to its custom generative algorithm which was based on the Ethereum network. Each Meebit owner is granted an additional asset pack that includes access to the full 3-D model of their Meebit. It can be used for rendering and animating Meebits or as avatars within the metaverse.

The Larva Labs project received early attention because it was created by the well-known and respected organization, Larva Labs, creators of CryptoPunks.

“CryptoKitties” by Dapper Labs:

This collection includes unique, digital cats that can be collected and traded. The NFTs have gained a large following and have sold for millions of dollars. Users can breed and raise their CryptoKitties in a virtual world, as well as use them in various online experiences.