Talis Monthly Update #03: Platform Updates, Featured Collections, etc.

Monthly update Mar 31, 2022

The end of the first quarter is almost over, and NFT summer is around the corner. The next couple of months present an exciting time for Talis. After battle testing the beta platform for several months and implementing dozens of significant updates, the team is preparing advancements on two fronts: the $TALIS Token Generation Event and the release of Talis Version 1. Both of these updates will bring significant improvements to Talis and the platform. The TGE update will officially mark Talis as a decentralized protocol governed by token holders, and the V1 update will bring a complete UI overhaul.

Throughout March, the team has dedicated significant time and resources to work on these developments, including the addition of new members to focus on the V1 update. At the time, we have finalized the new UI design and are moving forward with staging/development. We will provide a more definitive timeline for the release as we conclude testing. For the TGE, you can expect an article with more information in April. Until then, catch up with our March platform updates and featured launches.

March Platform Updates

A reminder that all of our platform updates are recorded every week through Twitter. This monthly update will summarize key improvements, along with the addition of this week’s notable updates.

Mar 13 Updates

  1. New NSFW filter and legal compliance measures integrated for Artists

2. Significant changes to auction durations:

  • Max candy machine duration — 30 Days
  • Min/default candy phase duration — 1 Hour
  • Max auction duration — 3 Days
  • Min/default auction duration — 1 Hour

3. Improved the CSV uploading process for Artists. The platform now checks for errors in several parameters (duration hours, price, currency, and destination address)

For the complete list of updates from this prior week, see the thread here.

Mar 14 Airdrop Update

  1. The snapshot for the genesis airdrop was taken on the 7th of March
  2. In total, we will distribute 78,000,000 $TALIS Tokens
  3. How much $TALIS will I get if I staked $LUNA in the Talis Validator?
  • 00.0000001 to 1 LUNA staked = 100 $TALIS
  • 1 to 47 LUNA staked = 2500 $TALIS
  • 47.00001 to 470 LUNA staked = in % between 2500 and 25k $TALIS
  • From 470 LUNA staked = 25,000 $TALIS
  • Above 1000 LUNA staked = 30,000 $TALIS

4. To reward long-time stakers, we are adding a 50% bonus to anyone who staked with us before the announcement on Feb 28th of the specific snapshot date.

For the complete airdrop Twitter thread, visit here.

Mar 23 Updates

  1. The platform will now reload owner information after each purchase of a token. This update significantly improves the waiting times for metadata to be available.
  2. We have a new and eye-catching loader for the platform!

3. Changes to collection administration. Artists can now:

  • Change miniature and cover picture of the collection
  • Take snapshots of token owners whenever they want
  • Migrate collection contract for compatibility updates
  • Be visually alerted that the collection contract can be migrated

For the complete list of updates for this week, you can see them here.

Mar 28 Updates

  1. New filters under “My Assets”. You can now search by Title, Artist, Collection, and Safe/NSFW. Major improvement for the large collectors out there.

2. When you mint through a candymachine, there will now be an immediate pop-up displaying your minted tokens! No more waiting and no more navigation confusion.

3. Multiple navigation improvements involving preloads in the background and persistent filters during navigation between pages. Overall, this should improve the querying experience for your tokens and exploring the marketplace

4. Major improvements for artists minting several editions of the same token for sale or airdrops. Editions (like #4 / 50) will be automatically added even when the same asset is used for multiple lines in a CSV, such as when airdropping a gift to 300 different people with one click.

5. URLs with terra contract/wallet addresses will now automatically redirect to the appropriate page with the Talis database ID.

6. Easter Egg: have you seen our new animated Discord logo that just came out today? Check it out here.

March Featured Launches


Talis extends a huge shoutout to the Terracharity project. This was the first-ever joint charity mint on Talis which brought together 9 creators to build a collection around unity and diversity. Each project contributed 10–15 images to the joint collection, with 100% of the funds going towards Ukraine. We’re happy to say that the collection sold out quickly, raising a total of 33.786 LUNA for the relief effort.

Unstables: Unstable Kwon

A second shoutout goes to the Unstables team for their Unstable Kwon collection. Not only did the collection sell out quickly, but this was also a stealth launch! If you missed out, check out the secondary market.

Unstable Kwon #01

DMM by David Feruch

We’re also proud to host the genesis collection of longtime French visual artists and photographer, David Feruch. The collection focuses on human beings, born out of chaos and matter. You can check it out here.

#01 Mr. Black

Other shoutouts include Terra Trees for pledging to plant 200 trees in honor of 200+ mints, Mosaic Music (MetaDiscs), OUTS:DERS, Stylish Terra Chiba, Terra Pig Punks, Terrain, and more!

What’s Next?

Besides the ongoing work we have with the TGE and V1 update, the team is focusing on improving documentation. In the spirit of a free market and decentralized protocol, Talis will eventually transition to an open-sourced platform. As a result, you can expect the release of our Gitbook and extensive documentation around the same time as the V1 update.

In other news, we might see you in Austin as well at the Terra Dapp Expo!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProtocolTalis

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/pgxEttXaZa

Telegram: https://t.me/talisprotocol